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» 06/05/2015
We are finally open, yay! So welcome to all members, feel free to chat with us in the cbox and ask any questions you may have about the site. Please remember not to bring any drama here and be respectful to the admins, members, guests, and to yourself.
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All staff posts and the site are owned by the staff. Canons, plot, rules, ect were created by Lyssa, the actual work not the templates.

Site graphics were created by Debbie of Caution. Any written work such a posts, applications, ect are owned only by those who wrote them.

Skin coded by MISS TEXAS. at Caution 2.0. Toggle sidebar is from SubDevo and Custom Forum Structure script is from Black.Mini profile by LAUZ at Shine.

Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
ANGEL OF DEATH Administrator 28-October 14 0
ANGEL OF FATE Site Creator 10-November 13 37
ANGEL OF HOPE Administrator 21-November 13 0
ISABELLA TURNER Witch/Elemental 29-November 13 2
JESSICA WARREN Witch/Demon 29-November 13 2
JOSEPH TURNER Witch/Demon 30-November 13 1
KYLE SALVATORE Gypsy 30-November 13 1
LAURA DAVIS Witch 21-November 13 2
NICOLE JENKINS Witch/Mermaid 29-November 13 2
PANDORA JAMES Witch/Cupid 18-November 13 3
PARKER HARRIS Witchlighter 30-November 13 2
PATIENCE HALLIWELL Witch 9-December 13 1
PERSEPHONE HALLIWELL Witch 30-November 13 2
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